Naoto Yoshimoto's profile picture. His self portrait in front of Apple Store 5th ave with his Leica.

Naoto Yoshimoto

UX Designer, Frontend Engineer and Photographer.

Born in Japan and living in NYC.
Founder of .• FloatingDots

As known as @naotone.

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  • Street Photography

    Capture moments of our life.

    Year: 2019 - Present

    Street Photography 1
    Street Photography 9
    Street Photography 7
    Street Photography 6
    Street Photography 2
    Street Photography 4
    Street Photography 5
    Street Photography 8
    Street Photography 3
  • .• FloatingDots

    My design studio founded in 2018 at NYC.
    Images below are our studio's works.

    Year: 2018 - Present

    Top Us
  • openFrameworks + Kinet

    Real time generated video with Kinect.

    Year: 2014

    of Kinect 2
    of Kinect 1
    of Kinect 3
    of Kinect 4
    of Kinect 5
  • Isetan Men's 10th Movie

    Isetan is a one of a largest laxuary department store in Japan.

    Isetan Men's 10th
    Isetan Men's 10th
    Isetan Men's 10th
    Isetan Men's 10th
    Isetan Men's 10th
  • Web design and development

    Selected my old website works.

    Year: 2010 - 2015

    Nipponista Isetan
    Elekinesis 2
    Sapporo International Art Festival
    VW UP
    VW UP
    VW UP
    naotone 2015
    naotone 2015 2
    Kota Kobayashi
  • Programming Arts

    All visuals are generated with programming in reatltime.

    Year: 2012

    Programming Art
    Programming Art 5
    Programming Art 1
    Programming Art 4
    Programming Art 2
    Programming Art 3

    I started my career as a freelance since 2008.
    My first brand kit designed by me.

    Year: 2008

    Naotone Branding kit