Naoto Yoshimoto

UI/UX Designer, Software Engineer and Photographer.

Born in Japan and living in NYC.
Founder of .• FloatingDots

As known as @naotone.

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  • Street Photography

    Capture moments of our life.

    Year: 2019 - Present

    Street Photography 1
    Street Photography 9
    Street Photography 7
    Street Photography 6
    Street Photography 2
    Street Photography 4
    Street Photography 5
    Street Photography 8
    Street Photography 3
  • .• FloatingDots

    My design studio founded in 2018 at NYC.
    Images below are our studio's works.

    Year: 2018 - Present

    King Gnu Website
    Top Us
  • openFrameworks + Kinet

    Real time generated video with Kinect.

    Year: 2014

    of Kinect 2
    of Kinect 1
    of Kinect 3
    of Kinect 4
    of Kinect 5
  • Isetan Men's 10th Movie

    Isetan is a one of a largest laxuary department store in Japan.

    Isetan Men's 10th
    Isetan Men's 10th
    Isetan Men's 10th
    Isetan Men's 10th
    Isetan Men's 10th
  • Web design and development

    Selected my old website works.

    Year: 2010 - 2015

    Nipponista Isetan
    Elekinesis 2
    Sapporo International Art Festival
    VW UP
    VW UP
    VW UP
    naotone 2015
    naotone 2015 2
    Kota Kobayashi
  • Programming Arts

    All visuals are generated with programming in reatltime.

    Year: 2012

    Programming Art
    Programming Art 5
    Programming Art 1
    Programming Art 4
    Programming Art 2
    Programming Art 3

    I started my career as a freelance since 2008.
    My first brand kit designed by me.

    Year: 2008

    Naotone Branding kit
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